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Republican State Representative * 72nd District


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About Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller is a 1992 graduate of Linden High School. After high school he played a year of Junior “A” Hockey prior to enlisting in the United States Navy, where he served from 1993-1997, receiving several letters of commendation, medals, and the Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Navy, Mueller attended Eastern Michigan University.

Why I Am Running

I believe every person deserves to have a voice in their government.  Each of us deserve to have a legislator who understands the issues and how they affect each of us and will act in our best interest.

I believe that we deserve to have a voice in decision making, to be represented by someone who shares our values and has the courage to stand up and act on our behalf. Someone who will take the time to really understand the issues, who can see the issues from multiple perspectives and who will consider all the outcomes.  Someone who can communicate with us in a way that is easy to understand, with honesty and simplicity.  

I will continue to be the voice of the  51st district in the Michigan House of Representatives.  


publicsafety Public Safety
mike-mueller-father Veterans
quality-of-life Quality Of Life

A Proven Track Record

In Mike’s first term as your state Representative, he has been working hard to bring meaningful reforms to the 51st District. 

– Mike has introduced legislation that will adequately fund our roads without any tax increases, and will ensure the taxes you already pay at the pump go directly towards roads. (HB 5587)

– As an appointed member of the Governor’s Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration, Mike has spent the last year identifying key issues that our broken criminal justice system currently faces.  Mike’s expertise in criminal justice has led to the introduction of a bi-partisan package of bills that will take a smarter approach to low-level criminal offenses, eliminate barriers to employment, refocus the use of jail and other public resources on cases that truly represent a danger to the public, and save taxpayer dollars. (HB 5802, HB 5844 – 5856)

– Mike supported legislation that promotes drug-pricing transparency and ensures that drug prices stay reasonable and affordable.  (HB 5937 – 5945)

– Mike has been an advocate and has supported measures that expand access to care for mental health treatment.

– Mike supported legislation that prohibits COVID-19 patients from being placed in nursing homes, ensuring that our must vulnerable populations are protected.  (SB 956)

– Mike voted in support of the creation of the Joint Select Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic that is tasked with investigating the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This important measure promotes governmental accountability and transparency.

– Mike supported legislation that will stop governmental overreach and ensure the Legislature has a voice by repealing the antiquated Emergency Powers of the Governor Act (PA 302 of 1945).


  • State Senator Ken Horn
  • State Senator Dave Robertson
  • State Representative Joe Graves
  • State Representative Ben Fredericks
  • Fenton Township Supervisor Bonnie Mathis
  • Fenton Township Fire Chief Ryan Volz
  • Clayton Township Supervisor Chris Gehringer
  • Argentine Township Supervisor Brian Saad
  • Argentine Township Clerk Denise Graves
  • Argentine Township Treasure Norm Schmidt
  • Argentine Township Trustee Thomas Hallman
  • Argentine Township Chief of Police Dan Allen
  • Retired Livingston County Sheriff Robert Bezotte
  • Former Livingston County Prosecutor Tom Kizer
  • LCDR Adam Weiner – Former SEAL Team 7 Executive Officer and Hatmada LLC Founder
  • Retired Lions quarter back Eric Hipple – mental health speaker
  • Exclusively endorsed by Michigan Right to Life
  • Farm Bureau
  • Michigan Freedom Fund
  • Police Officers Association of Michigan
  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Jeff Neville, retired Genesee County LT., and Flint Bishop Police Officer who stopped the Bishop Airport terrorist attack.
  • Herman Ferguson- founder of COPS – Concern Over Police Safety
  • Michigan Chamber Of Commerce
  • Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham
  • National Federation of Independent Business

  • Small Business Association of Michigan

  • Michigan Bankers Association

  • Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Michigan Freedom Fund

  • Michigan Corn Growers Association

  • Fraternal Order of Police

  • Michigan Professional Firefighters Union



  • 1992: Graduated Linden High School
  • 1993 – 1997: Enlist and Serve United States Navy
  • 1999: Graduate Eastern Michigan University
  • 1999: Police Academy – Washtenaw County Community College
  • 2000: Washtenaw Sheriff Department Road Patrol Duty & Member of Special Weapons & Tactics Team (SWAT)
  • 2005: Hired by the Livingston County Sheriff Department. Road Patrol & Tactical Team
  • 2020: To continue serving as your Representative in the 51st House District


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